#1 : Stacy – Post 3

Fast forward a couple days. My roommate and I had hung out with Stacy and her roommate every day since we’d gotten there. I could kinda tell my roomie had a crush on her too, but one night laying in bed I told him about how I’ve had my eye on her since orientation, and he was quick to bow out and let me pursue her.

It was constant flirting every time I was around Stacy. Mostly me being sarcastic and funny and her laughing at everything I was throwing at her. But it had been 3-4 nights of hanging out as a group and we really hadn’t had alone time since that first day before the freshman gathering. So no, I hadn’t kissed her yet. I’d only kissed one other girl in my life, my high school girlfriend of seven months. So I really didn’t know how and when the right time was to make my move.

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