“The 13 women I’ve slept with.” I feel like most guys could rattle off their relationships and one-night stands in a couple paragraphs. “Yeah so I dated her for two years. I dunno. Sex was good but she annoyed me.” “Yeah I took this chick home last night. Banged her. Sent her home in an Uber cab.”

My stories just aren’t like that. I remember such intricate details from each of the 13. And when you put them all together, they really aren’t individual stories at all. It is one giant story of an innocent boy who turns into a “man,” in his own way.

You’ll see that each relationship is a step on a staircase. What the staircase ultimately leads to? I’m still finding that out. But where I’m standing today… 13 steps up… let’s just say I have it pretty figured out.

As you take these 13 steps with me, you’ll see me evolve. From where I was as a clueless, 18-year-old college freshman virgin, to, well, what I am today.

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