#1 : Stacy – Post 5

We continued to hang out in groups a lot, as we were trying to get to know people at our new school. But now she’d be sitting on my lap or holding my hand and kissing me, letting everyone know we were together. The guys on my dorm floor patted me on the back and told me “good job” on getting a girl like that.

One night, about 2-3 weeks after we became a couple, she asked me if I was a virgin. And I was. She said she could just tell, but that it was ok. But then she told me that she’d slept with three guys in high school. Three guys?? Ugh. I instantly felt a bunch of jealousy.

I’d lie in bed at night and it would eat away at me. I’ve never slept with anyone, but she’d been with three. Just to imagine them touching her and feeling her like that. It drove me crazy. I’d shake my head and try and get those images out, but in quiet times they’d always come back. I hated it.

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