#1 : Stacy – Post 14

Nine months into our relationship was the start of summer break. It was the first time I really noticed I was feeling trapped. Just like at school, she was always around. I think she came to my parents’ place and slept in the guest bed more days than she was at home sleeping in her own bed. Which I understood, because her family is a bunch of freaks.

But, summer was different than the school year for me. I was coming home to 3-4 really really close guy friends, all of whom were single, and guys I’d known since 5th grade. They didn’t understand me needing to split so much time off for Stacy. It was always poorly received. And then, when I was with her, I’d be bummed that I wasn’t with them… they were probably playing poker or sitting in someone’s basement playing some 2-on-2 Halo 2 or something. And I was on my parents’ couch with Stacy. Blah.

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