#1 : Stacy – Post 16

And then she came down again, and kind of quietly sat next to me as we all continued to play. It was… guy time. We wanted to swear and rip ass and have no filter. But you could tell everyone had kind of moved from R-rated to PG. It was just dampering the guy time.

So I said something about how she should head up to bed because it was late and that I’d come up to say goodnight at the end of the game we were in the middle of. She went upstairs and seemed cool enough with it.

The game ended, and then we started another. And another. Aaaand I totally forgot about Stacy. Which yes, it was my fault. But she was impeding on the friend time that I specifically told her was going to be happening that night.

Something like an hour had passed, and then I heard footsteps coming down the stairs. Oh fuck. It was Stacy. I forgot about her.

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