#2 : Leah – Post 1

Leah preface:

If you were frustrated with Owen for taking Stacy back, you’re gonna… just… want to kill Owen after you read about Leah. I’d love to go back in time and be like, “Pssst! Owen! You’re going to meet a girl named Leah tomorrow. She’s going to fuck with your head over and over. Just tell her to eat shit the first time you meet her!”

Call that a spoiler but… I’m just preparing you. I guess the fact that she’s #2 of 13 is spoiler enough because duh, unless I marry this girl and then have affairs with 11 other women, we’re not going to be together forever.

Oh, and for those who didn’t purchase Stacy’s ebook chapter: I introduced some journal entries at the end there. I started journaling when Stacy and I ended and have continued to do so to this day. Whenever you see text in italics, that’s me copying and pasting my journal entries.

Are you ready? It always starts pleasantly enough…


Let’s catch you up on where we are in time. It’s been a little over eight months since things ended with Stacy. I’m 23. I went on a few dates with a couple girls, but nothing worth noting. These last eight months I’ve been really focused on work and have been absolutely kicking ass. I’d just celebrated one year at my company and I got promoted within the marketing department to Senior Marketing Executive. What a badass.

And my place of work is where Leah’s story starts.

I had seen her before. Her desk was right at the edge of the aisle that I’d pass every day on my way to and from getting coffee from the kitchen. I really never paid much attention to her. She started right before me. We’d never spoken.

She was in operations, so a different department than me. I’d heard her name a couple times, only because it was a pretty small company and everyone gossips. All I’d heard was that she had dated someone in her department for a little while but that they’d broken up. Boring, didn’t care, shrugged my shoulders.

Her looks didn’t blow me away either. A couple times when I passed her desk on the way to the coffee machine, I’d take a peek. She was usually wearing a sweater. Never got a good look at her body. Pale. Ruby-blonde hair. Bright blue eyes. Petite. Mayyyybe an above average face. Eh. If you saw her in a bar and you were with a friend, you’d probably be like, “Hmm, she’s kind of a cutie.”

But I did notice that every single time I walked past her desk, she’d look up at me with a little smirk. Did she do that to everyone who walked past? I don’t know… it was always a smirk and then locking eyes with me for just a second too long for her to just be “being pleasant.” Overall I really thought nothing of it.

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