#2 : Leah – Post 3

Woke up that next morning to a text from her. She said it was just her sister and her moving everything in and they could use some help with the couch and bed. I rolled my eyes, because I fucking hate moving people in, but I let her know I was available.

I met her sister, helped them with the heavy stuff, and then rolled out.

She texted me later saying they were all done and that she was unpacking. And a “Thank you” for the help. You’re welcome.

Then she said that she was going to go shopping for some artwork and stuff for her walls and asked if I wanted to go.

My interest finally started to pique. She was subtly aggressive in pursuing me. And I liked it. And when we were moving stuff in she was in a tight tanktop and I noticed she had a really nice, slender body. I liked what I saw.

So I said I’d go with.

We went to a Home Goods store and looked at paintings and flower vases. It was a flirty little trip. One person would make fun of the other for thinking a painting was cool when the other thought it was lame. I’d goof around and grab random shit that I told her she should buy, like a wooden cow statue and a really gothic-looking candle-holder set. We laughed and joked and flirted. And it felt good. I was surprised. Her goofiness plus sweetness plus her being aggressive in inviting me to things so early on made her more attractive. She was one of those girls where her personality makes her hotter.

She paid for the stuff she wanted and we drove back to the apartment building. I helped her carry her things to her apartment, gave her a hug goodnight and headed back down to my place. It was a good day. And I officially had a crush on Leah.

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