#2 : Leah – Post 5

Later that day she came down with her movie. Well, it wasn’t a movie. It was a six-disc set of, like, documentaries on different parts of the world. Antarctica wildlife and climate, African jungles… stuff like that. I shrugged my shoulders and threw the first disc in.

And then it got humorously awkward. The entire time we watched it, we were literally sitting on opposite sides of the couch. I was too chicken shit to make a move and she probably didn’t know if I was interested in her or not. The ball was in my court and I pussed out. We finished the first disc and then she headed back to her apartment.

The same thing the next night. After work she came over and we watched the second disc. Opposite sides of the couch. Chicken shit.

And then again the next night. Third night in a row. She came over. I put in the third disc. Sat down on opposite sides of the couch. But then… well this is what I wrote that night:

“Well, I didn’t go for it Thursday.

Buuuut today after work she came over for a couple hours and we cuddled on the couch! It felt really good. We were sitting side by side and then I told her to come over and she immediately moved over next to me and put her head on my shoulder. I wrapped my arms around her, put one hand on her thigh and she put her hand on mine. Mmmm.

I’m keeping my door unlocked tonight and she’s waking me up tomorrow so I can help her move some furniture around in her apartment. I’ll probably pull her into bed, cuddle up and keep sleeping. I’m in a good mood! Way excited to see her tomorrow.

This definitely wasn’t love at first sight or anything, but I really like being around her now.”


We should go so far as to call me Nostradamus, but I was right about her crawling into bed with me:

“I kissed her! She came down around 10am and jumped in bed with me. We cuddled for hours and eventually we were holding each other so tight… and I went for it. It was really nice. It feels really good to be close to her. I like her.

We eventually got up at 2:30pm and ran some errands.

When we were cuddling I basically got a free pass to explore her body. She has a really tight stomach and back. Really soft skin. She’s touchy-feely too. I like the way she touches me. She’s getting sexier by the day…”

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