#2 : Leah – Post 12

She stayed with me that night, and we finally broke the barrier. We worked through something and came out good the other side. So we celebrated it by having sex for the first time. My nine-month sex drought was over! After she left the next morning:

“And then, last night… we had sex. It was fantastic. I came inside her and it was amazing. I’d never cum inside someone before. It was so intimate and sexy, having her lay there while I came and filled her up. Fuck.

I was inside her, slowly thrusting for what felt like an hour. It was all missionary, with us holding each other so close the whole time The rest of the night and all this morning we couldn’t cuddle closer and kissed her for a good 10 mins straight before she pushed me away and headed out the door, as she was running late.

She sent me a text right as she got back to her apartment: “I REALLY liked last night <3.” Yesssssss. I’ll have to storm up to her apartment later tonight and take her again.”


My next journal post:

“Yesterday we had sex again and it was insane. I lasted forever. She was on top and came and then I threw her on the bed and rammed her home doggystyle. She was talking dirty and said I was amazing after we finished.”

In the bedroom, we were spot on. She had an awesome sex drive and wanted it as much as I did. We were falling for each other. It was a great next few weeks.

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