#2 : Leah – Post 14

So we show up to the party and she was… just… kind of a wreck. Really nervous about this whole “coming out as a couple” thing. We sat in the car parked for a couple minutes before we went in to the event hall. She was bracing herself and worked up the courage, I guess, because after a long pause she said she was ready to go in. I was way more nonchalant about it. I was ready and excited to not be a secret anymore.

So we walked in. And made it known. And it was great! Everyone congratulated us. A couple people said they could have guessed… there were hints here and there and everything.

We broke off and she hung out with her operations people and I hung out with my marketing people. Flashed each other looks every once in a while. I swung over a couple times to say hi. And Leah was getting wasted. Like crazy wasted. She wasn’t acting out or being crazy. She was just fucking drunk.

So the night finished up and everyone had a good amount to drink. The gathering was in a party hall in a hotel, so nearly everyone had a hotel room to stay at for the night. Leah and I went to ours.

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