#1 : Stacy – eBook

I bet Stacy and I end up happily ever after. Right? Or maybe it crashes and burns. Yeah, probably the latter.

You can finish the rest of Stacy’s story by purchasing Stacy’s ebook chapter on Amazon. You can read the book on any tablet or on your smart phone.

The book is titled, “The 13 Women I’ve Slept With,” and I’ll eventually be releasing every chapter as an ebook when we get to the appropriate spot within each chapter here.

$3 for this first chapter. It includes a brief preface, Stacy’s full story, including what has already been posted here and a lot of content telling the end of her story, and then a ‘What I Learned’ section after Stacy’s story is complete:


You don’t absolutely NEED to finish reading about Stacy to continue following along here. You’ll obviously miss out on how that relationship finished, which in turn means you may miss out a little bit on how that relationship started forming me into what I am today. But we’ll be starting fresh here shortly, with woman #2.

I’ll give you three days to read the ebook chapter, should you opt to read it. Be sure you’ve read it before you continue reading my posts here if you do plan to read it!

In three days, I’ll be starting my second chapter. My second relationship story. Leah.

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