#1 : Stacy – Post 22

I took her camera out and I was telling her what I wanted. She stripped down to her thong and I told her to get on her knees and hold her tits for a pic, to bend over and show her ass for a pic. I took her thong off and had her lay on the bed and spread her legs and finger herself.

She eventually stumbled over to me and took my clothes off. Sat me down in a chair. She started licking up and down my shaft, looking up at the camera with her tongue all over me, posing while I took pictures.

I switched over to video mode and I took video of her stroking me and taking me as deeply as she could in her mouth. She would moan and constantly look up at the camera as she’d slowly glide her tongue up and down, from the base to the head. Back and forth.

I eventually took her by the hips and laid her down on her back over the side of her bed. She spread her legs and I held one leg with one hand and the camera with the other.

I took video as I slid in and out of her, video of her tits bouncing and her whole body jolting with each stroke.

When I was getting close, I pulled out, got up on the bed, straddled her hips and she stroked me until I came all over her chest, each spurt being filmed.

It was easily the hottest night of my life up to that point. I still have those pictures and videos. I remember waking up the next morning and looking at each other like, “We did gooooood last night…”

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