#2 : Leah – Post 8

Activities like these continued to happen over the next month. A little over a month into our relationship and we hadn’t had sex yet. I can’t exactly explain why. I couldn’t exactly explain a lot of things with her.

All that I’ve said about her so far are the good things. But she was a bit of a handful at times too. Over those first two months she was very bipolar. We’d go from talking all day and night and having her stay at my place, to a day or two in a row where we’d struggle through small talk as she was being unresponsive and would say she’s tired and wants to sleep on her own or needs alone time to “think.” She’d never explain to me what that meant, but I always assumed it was about us, in one way or another.

But then the next day she’d be all lovey and sweet and I didn’t think much about the two weird days prior.

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