#2 : Leah – Post 9

Right at the one-month anniversary, I had to go on a business trip for a week. And she was incredibly distant that whole week. I’d be in business meetings but have GChat open on my laptop and be chatting with her. And all she’d do is reply with one-word answers or complain about being tired or stressed at work:

“OK, things with Leah are getting weirder. We almost didn’t talk at all today. I said I was sorry that I got quiet yesterday night after she got quiet, but that I was upset that she didn’t tell me what was bothering her. She just said to not worry about it… she didn’t explain herself or anything. And so the rest of the day we basically said nothing. It is the least we’ve ever talked in one day. So now we are on GChat but really aren’t saying much at all.

When I say things like I’m crazy about her she says ‘good’ instead of something like ‘I’m crazy about you too.’

What the fuck is that??”

I could just tell that I’d be coming home to her in her depressed, disaster mode. The day I got home and the day after that, she was the most bipolar person I’ve ever seen.

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