#2 : Leah – Post 10

The night I got home from my business trip:

“Well, goodbye, Leah. She came over at 9pm tonight and we talked and broke up. She calls it bad timing and feeling like she shouldn’t have a boyfriend. I basically picked apart her reasoning and even she knew she was talking BS. I said that we were good together and she said she was sorry. She went to leave and I opened the door for her. She gave me a hug and I barely hugged back… then she started bawling. I hugged her a bit tighter, and then she left.

I said that this sucked because I did nothing wrong. She agreed that I did nothing wrong.

This is fucked up. I mean, come on… I basically played a perfect hand here, and lost Leah. This is such bullshit. She was a bit of a psychotic mess, but I tend to like those. And my God, her naked, sucking me off was a fantastic sight… I’ll miss that. That and cuddling with her all night.

Oh Jesus, I just got a text from her, literally five seconds ago: ‘What if what I just did was a really bad idea because I’m really stressed right now?’

I just tossed my phone across the living room. How do I respond? I can say to stay away and possibly be missing out on something good and I could regret it or I can say pursue this and get dumped later and it’ll hurt more. Win-fucking-win.”

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