#2 : Leah – Post 17

And her being distant lasted all week:

“Monday she said she needed alone time and was really distant.

This entire week she’s also been saying she feels sick. First it was her head, then she felt like she had a bladder infection, then she said she felt bloated. We didn’t have sex this whole week which is super surprising, because she usually has such a crazy sex drive. I slept with her Wednesday and last night and… nothing. She really hasn’t acted sweet or lovey this whole week either. I’ve tried, telling her she looked sexy in the new jacket I got her, bringing her hot chocolate when she was ‘sick’ at home.

So now it’s Saturday afternoon. We went to bed with her feeling really ‘sick’ Friday night and we wake up and she feels great and is jumping around all happy today. Her parents and sister are coming down for the night because her sister just turned 21. We’re going to a bar or something. “

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