#2 : Leah – Post 24

I’m going to fast-forward a month and a half. We’re now in mid-February. I had just turned 24.

I never replied to that last email. I hadn’t talked to her once in the last month and a half. But, I have been a heartbroken little bitch in my journal. I don’t even want to post any of it because she was on my mind the whole time.

But I was strong. I never reached out to her. While it was hard to get over her, as she worked in my building and lived in my apartment building and I’d see her or walk past her all the time, I think I was slowly slowly slowly starting to repair. For the record, trying to get over Leah was 100 times harder than Stacy. I don’t know why. It just was.

So. A month and a half after being pissed off on Christmas Eve. I get a text from Leah at midnight asking if I’m awake. Random. I figured I’d never hear from her again. That she knew she destroyed me and would just leave me be. But no, after so long without saying a word, she reaches out.

I didn’t reply. My heart sped up to 1,000,000 beats per minute, but I didn’t reply. I needed to be strong, right?

And then I woke up the next morning to an email from her. Check out this whopper:

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